Products & Services

We started out with little more than an idea and the help of a few enthusiastic people and their energy let us keep growing. People are learning our name and understanding we deliver amazing results. We plan to expand our capabilities, learn new things and reach more people.

We have expanded our business to service a large part of the Mid Atlantic Region in addition to other parts of the United States by offering many products and services.

No matter how much we grow we will never forget the core values that led to our success. It’s something you can’t really put into numbers. It’s what people are saying. It’s what they’re seeing. At ABS Facilities Management, we want to maintain a reputation for delivering real-world results that make meaningful differences in the lives of real people, just like you.

Products and Services

  • Contract Systems Furniture
  • Benching/Hoteling
  • Case Goods:
    • Desks
    • Chairs
    • File/Storage Systems
    • Accessories
  • Furniture Installations

  • Move Consultants:
    • Develop scope of work
    • Client Interface
    • Pre-planning Services
    • Review floor plans
    • Develop Numbering & Labeling
    • Scheduling and Staff Training
    • Project Implementation
  • Commercial Moving:
    • Labor, Transportation, and Materials.
    • Disconnect and Re-connect Computer Services
    • Pre-packing Services
    • Actual Relocation
    • Post move

    ABS offers a wide range of renovation services for your office build out. These services include:

    • Demolition Of Office Space
    • Construction Management
    • Interior Renovations
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Painting
    • Security Systems
    • Alarm Systems

    • Carpeting/Flooring
    • Custom Wood Working/Wood Refinishing
    • Window Treatments
    • Artwork
    • Accessories
    • Custom Wood Working
    • Wood Refinishing

      • Records Management Programs
      • Records Retention Schedules
      • Records Destruction
      • Purging Programs
      • Recycling
        • Asset management
        • Inventory management
        • Liquidation/Cleanouts/Disposal
        • Transportation and Warehousing